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Do's and Don'ts of Flowerless Wedding Centrepieces

When planning your wedding reception, there’s one thing no bride overlooks:  Wedding centrepieces! It’s one of the most talked about decorations that a couple will buy, and it’s something that many brides pour their hearts into. It’s your chance to put your own special touch at every guest table.


The most common type of centrepiece is one made of fresh flowers or other plants. Flower centrepieces are in every bridal magazine as the ideal to aim for. Unfortunately, flower centrepieces can be expensive, with some costing more than the wedding dress! What’s a bride to do?


The simple answer? Flowerless centrepieces! These cut back on the overall costs, and can look absolutely gorgeous at the same time. Even better, it can really insert a bit of your personality into your wedding decorations. Instead of the standard roses and baby’s breath, you could choose items pertaining to how you met your fiancé, family heirlooms, or even your hometown!


But how do you toe the line between tasteful and tacky? To ensure that your wedding centrepieces are perfect, follow these do’s and don’ts of going flowerless.



  • Use candles. Candles create a flickering, romantic atmosphere when lit, and an elegant, refined atmosphere when they aren’t. Even better, candles are a fairly low-cost option. If open flames are a concern, there are a variety of flameless electric candles that can pass for the real thing!
  • Add some water. This adds a bit of life to your centrepieces without having to buy expensive plants (or, worst still, using animals; see below). There are a variety of ways you can do this:  Vases with colorful rocks, floating candles in shallow bowls, even small tabletop fountains.
  • Consider something shiny! A scattering of shimmering stones (either clear or in your wedding colors) will add interest, especially when placed inside of a vase or around the base of a candle.
  • Think outside of the box! Who says a 3D Polaroid collage can’t be a centrepiece? If it makes you happy, go for it!



  • Use live animals. One of the growing trends in centrepiece is to use fish (normally beta fish) in bowls. This is a bad idea. Besides having to re-home a lot of fish before heading off on your honeymoon, you’re also faced with the distinct possibility that most of your centrepieces will die before dinner is over. If you have your heart set on a fish, there are convincing animation options available. Other animals are even worse, and some spook very easily. Not good for a wedding.
  • Forget to take safety into account. If you’re going to have small children at your reception, you should avoid using materials (included the traditional candles mentioned above) that could become harmful quickly. And your beautiful rocks could become a slipping hazard if they make their way to the floor. Think your ideas through:  There’s a way to make everything safe!
  • Be afraid to use fake flowers instead. If you really have your heart set on flowers (or even just petals), but can’t afford them, you can always use artificial flowers. Many are convincingly lifelike, and will last longer than real flowers, anyway.

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About the author:

"Brittany Miller is a writer living in Alabama. She is currently planning her wedding with her fiancé, Chris Carter".

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