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Winter wedding ideas

Winter is truly a magical time of year. The glittering snow, the festive atmosphere, the cozy nights spent with your fiancé. Who wouldn’t want a winter wedding?


And you certainly don’t have to keep winter weddings pigeon-holed in December and January, either. As long as, baby, it’s cold outside, you’re good to go! For more daring brides, you don’t even have to follow that guideline. Winter in April? Sure!


But, planning a winter-themed wedding can become tricky. Without a bit of planning, it can end up looking more like a Christmas party than the magical setting you have your mind set on. The cure for that? Adding elegance and warmth to the classic wintry touches.



The easiest way to add a touch of winter to your stationery? Just like the classic song, try silver and gold. There are a number of ways to add extra shine to your invites, and they cover the price spectrum from affordable to expensive. For the former, try sending off your invitations or save-the-dates in a shimmering silver or gold envelope. For the latter, you can ask for a wedding monogram in one of the colors. TIP:  A touch of silver glitter on white card stock can almost perfectly simulate snow.


For brides who prefer warmer options, you should go for more matte options. Cream-colored card stock is a great choice for adding a bit of subliminal warmth. Feel free to add some reds and greens, but, to keep it out of Christmas-party territory, keep them muted, not bright. If you want a more expensive look to your stationery, try ribbons in those colors with a satin-finish. Either way, you should try to send invitations and other correspondence in cream-colored envelopes, not red or green. That’s too close to a Christmas card.



This is the part that most people go overboard on. They start with the idea of a quaint cottage at Christmas, and end up loading the tables down with pine branches and flocking spray. In order to do it right, you’ll need to exercise a bit of self control, and have an idea of which pieces are the most important to you. Remember:  Don’t let it become too busy!


Don’t be afraid to decorate with nature…or an artificial version of it. Evergreen branches or garlands can be great wintery touches for a more down-to-earth wedding, or even a more refined one, if done right. Just don’t go all-out and buy a Christmas tree unless you want a Christmas-themed wedding. Use pine cones, as well:  They’re just as indicative of winter, but without being associated as widely with Christmas. If you like, you can give them a little spritz with flocking spray, but don’t bury them in it. Subtlety is key. Bare wood is also a good choice to make a wedding seem more low-key and homey.


There are also a variety of “fake snow” powders available. When mixed with water, it looks and (besides the temperature) feels just like real snow. This is perfect for little touches on your centrepieces, or as decoration around the cake stand. A word of warning, though:  Don’t put it on the floor. It’s very slippery. Chat to LovinglyByLesley for some friendly expert advice.



It isn’t hard to find good favors for your baskets or bags. Winter-themed little-somethings are easy and, many times, inexpensive. Because of this, you’ll want to ensure that your guests know that extra care went into the making of their favor baskets/bags. The best way to do this? Hand-written tags in heavy stock, and a beautiful presentation.


Like most good things in life, your favors should start with candy and other foods. While classic, candy-canes should probably be avoided. Instead, try candied nuts (including Jordan almonds, a wedding classic), cinnamon candies, and chocolate (white, dark, or milk) covered pretzels. These are all sweets that also have a bit of warmth (through salt or cinnamon) in them. It’s winter personified in a snack!


Next, you’ll want to move on to mementos. The classic choice? A personalized snow-globe. These are great, as long as you stay away from bright plastic bases and choose something softer or darker. You could also add a winter-scented candle or two, and a vial of scented oil. Looking for something personal to give your guests? Take a look at PurpleLoves

About the author:

"Brittany Miller is a writer living in Alabama. She is currently planning her wedding with her fiancé, Chris Carter".

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