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The 'Art' of wedding stationery

This week we have been asked to research the possibilities of working with Charlotte Atkinson who has been voted in the top 10 selling British artists. Working together we are looking to design totally bespoke wedding stationery.

Charlotte is an award winning, internationally acclaimed, specialist wedding artist and has done some fantastic work creating beautiful bespoke watercolour paintings of venues as well as paintings wedding art created live at wedding venues.

Charlotte was introduced to us by a wedding planner who thought we could collaborate in some way, so we took some time to look at her work and find out what she is about.

wedding art

Charlotte’s work is sophisticated, classy, elegant and unique, she is highly talented and can create masterpieces that are so personal and bespoke it leaves most brides lost for words. I guess the only problem is that there is only one of her. After meeting Charlotte at the Duke of Cornwall wedding fair I see just how special and talented she is, she even painted my portrait. Her wedding art really is unique and not only is she talented, she is extremely passionate about what she does and I believe that is an important factor in helping create the perfect experience for the bride and groom.

As you know, I specialise in bespoke wedding stationery and with this in mind we have come up with a way to merge the two arts to create the ultimate in luxury bespoke, this time you can have your cake and eat it. A unique piece of art created by Charlotte integrated in to your design of bespoke stationery. I pride myself on providing exactly what the bride and groom want for their stationery and giving as many options to them as possible is a key to ensuring I deliver exactly that.

wedding art

So is it possible to merge the two? Well I am willing to try, I guess I imagine a piece of art of the wedding venue merged with the invitation, meaning the guest not only gets the address of the venue but a beautiful watercolour showing them the venue, and the difference is, it’s not just a watercolour, its a personal gesture from the bride and groom, that’s just one Idea. Potentially there are many ways in which we can integrate designs, its an exciting thought and one which I am looking forward to exploring.

You can find out more about Charlotte and her wedding art at http://www.watercolourweddings.com/ and also https://twitter.com/Atkinsonart


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