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Wedding stationery for a theme wedding


One of the most common ways to liven up a wedding? A good theme! Wedding themes are becoming a popular trend amongst couples at both end of the price spectrum. With a theme, you can take your big day and bring it to any time or place on this planet…or any others, for that matter! It’s a great choice, and can suit any budget, from modest to expansive.


But, when looking at the stationery that you’ll need for your theme wedding, you may run into some difficulties. After all, the standard invitation, with embossed details, curlicue calligraphy, and thick card stock, would work fine for a royal theme, but not for a rustic or countryside wedding. So how do you choose? We’ve compiled a list of the five most common wedding themes below. Find which one fits yours best, and you’re on your way!


  1. Vintage

Vintage is one of the most popular wedding themes in the United States. It’s a nod back to simpler times, and a combination of easy elegance and simplicity. This is a great choice for the bride who is laid-back, loves pastels, and can embrace her inner hipster. When choosing stationery for a vintage wedding, you’ll want to go with a “rough” approach. This means choosing a fun font over handwritten calligraphy, and decorating with patterned or pastel ribbons instead of embossed gold details. Good color choices are pale blues, pinks, and creams. For extra pop, make sure that the envelope and invitation aren’t too matchy-matchy. Take a look at this glamour wedding on Ruffled.

country wedding themes


  1. Country

As more and more people embrace the idea of “country living” outside of the American South, this theme becomes more and more popular. It embraces the sweet but wild side that almost every woman has. This is the kind of wedding that will work best for brides who don’t want or expect perfection, instead finding happiness in the little (and, at times, messy!) details. When deciding on stationery for a country wedding, you’ll definitely want to go rugged. Thick paper stock with a few imperfections (whether deliberate in the design or not) are a good choice. For bonus country points, add some twine!


  1. Beach

This timeless theme has been popular in the United States for decades. A beach wedding is the ultimate in laid-back, normally ditching the formal heels and poofy dresses for bare feet and loose, flowy clothes. To keep the theme going, you’ll want to make sure that your invitations and other stationery are as easy going as the beach itself. Instead of a fancy font, choose a simple one. Use thick card stock, but don’t go with pure white or bright blue. Instead, go with a washed-out blue, or a sandy cream. For a pop of color that isn’t overwhelming, look for options that include watercolors, or decorate with a single blue ribbon.


  1. Boho

Because new hippies are being born everyday! Boho is becoming more than a fashion trend in the U.S.:  It’s a way of life. Because of this, flower-children of today are choosing this wedding theme more and more. The thing to look for in boho stationery can be summed up in one word:  “Natural.” Look for thick, rough card stock, that doesn’t look absolutely perfect. The font used should look slim and willowy, but still elegant and readable. Decorate with nearly anything you want, so long as it’s natural! Twine once again is a good choice, as are braided leather cords, crystals, and beads.


wedding themes - Fairytale


  1. Fairy Tale

What little girl didn’t grow up wanting to be a fairy-tale princess? Now, many women are making that dream come true on their wedding day! Unlike most of the other wedding themes, this one requires a bit of elegance. Still, this can be done on a budget just as easily as the others! You just have to know what to look for. Once again, thick card stock is preferable. If you can’t afford handwritten calligraphy, that’s fine:  There are many beautiful fonts that mimic it. Use either white, cream, or jewel-tones for your stationery; it gives it a rich air. Adding satin (or satin-look) ribbons, metal charms, or clear crystals are also cheap ways to add elegance to your stationery.

By Brittany Miller

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