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What to include in a wedding invite

One of the most asked questions I receive on a daily basis is.. “What information to include in wedding invites”. Well I guess the most obvious answer is, “Whatever you like”.

Obviously this question can’t be left at that, its too broad and it doesn’t actually help you at all.

In this article I am going to tell you about information to include on some usual invitation content and also point you in the direction of some unusual content in a bid to help you piece together the information to include in your own wedding invitations.

Ask yourself some questions

1. How much information do I want my guests to have? Its no secret that a lot of brides like to keep as much detail about the wedding a secret, however you cant deny your guests certain information such as.

  • Who is the invite from.
  • Who is included in the invite (Person plus 1 or the whole family).
  • When is the wedding.
  • Where is the wedding.
  • Information on RSVP.
  • Dress code (If very important to you).
  • Menu information (If necessary).

It’s important that all this information is included and correct within your invite, the last thing you need is people turning up who you haven’t catered for (Awkward all round), people late or not turning up because of wrong, missing or vague venue information or people hassling you before the wedding because you have missed the date off.

With all this in mind, if you are making your own wedding invites it’s important to make them readable. Trust me, the last thing you need before your wedding is ALL of your guests calling you to confirm the venue. For more information on wording and fonts please take a look at our wedding invitation wording guide.

Dress Code information is more important if a) you don’t trust your guests to turn up wearing nice clothes or b) If you have a certain wedding theme that you want your guests to adhere to. Sometimes it is best to simply add a line including ‘black tie’, ‘smart’, ‘smart casual’ etc.

Menu information is very important if you are paying per head and have a set menu, if you have a buffet type wedding breakfast then you may want to get information from your guests of food allergies and food preferences such as vegetarian etc. I can think of few things worse than spending all day at a wedding and not being able to eat or even worse someone falling ill, let alone the bad feedback from guests, weddings are aimed to impress.

Any other information to include in your wedding invitations is really up to you, but make sure you read number 2.

2. What’s my budget? Ever been food shopping when you are hungry? Not a good move, you get home and unpack to realise you have spent lots of money and ended up buying way more than you needed, because it ‘looked sooo good’. Weddings can be a bit like that, you find your perfect dress but you overspent your budget slightly but who cares, its only a little bit over! Well if you blew your budget on the dress, the venue, extra guests, elaborate flowers and so on, you would be looking at double your bill for the complete wedding (Or at least the parents will be in some cases). If you have a large budget then hey, what the heck, however for those on a budget like I certainly was, its about value for money. 

When you own a business you have to set your target market, sell loads at low prices and low quality or sell very few of very high quality for very, VERY high prices (or somewhere in the middle). I went the opposite way on this one, everyone should have access to something totally unique for the best day of their lives, everything I make I aim for the highest quality possible, my customers will vouch for me there. This is why I got rid of stock Invitations,everything I make is bespoke to the bride and groom I am making them for, so everyone has their own unique stationery that suits their budget, and I’m not the only one who does this.

How unique and in what quantity is where you can ‘shop while hungry’. Having invitations (Day and evening), Place cards, table numbers, table plans, orders of service, a guest book and menus all handmade in the same design, all fitting the theme and style of your wedding all matching can be costly (But maybe not as costly as you might think), but wow does it look good and ooze class. I do have packages for these types of orders (Just to let you know ;-)).

When you have decided on your information to use in wedding invitations its time to ask yourself the money spending question.

3. how you are going to give the guests the information? For evening invitations most people tend to send simple, flat style invitations with all the information contained, however for day invitations its a bit more complicated with the introduction of inserts due to the amount of information to include to help your guests.

The simplest way is to have a pocket fold type invitation, a very classy open up invitation with a pocket inside for your extra information, with this style you can literally add as much information as will fit including.

  • RSVP Card.
  • Menu selection.
  • Directions to the venue.
  • Dress information.
  • Gift information (great article about wedding gifts here by Bridesupnorth.com including a discount for their blog readers).
  • Accommodation details.
  • Information about children.
  • A return envelope.

Each insert personally styled, and whats extra handy is the return envelope for ease of your guests sending back the information you require, the inserts they don’t send back they keep for their own reference. There’s really no excuse from your guests here for not being prompt, I can even add the stamp if you like.

information to include in wedding invites

Another way to include all of the information but spending less money is to order bespoke flat invitations and simply add inserts in to the same envelope.

The above will appeal to a lot of people looking for the elegant, traditional style of inviting however there is perhaps one more question to ask.

4. This is 2016, do i want traditional or different? You just have to watch ‘Don’t tell the bride’ to see the different tastes of couples, although its the men who decide everything, you very rarely see a bride who is totally distraught by the end of the wedding. Some people just need a little push out of their comfort zone to show the endless wedding possibilities and it doesn’t stop with wedding invitations. There are some out of the box wedding invitations here to wet you appetite if you fancy something different in this blog from Weddings in Surrey.

You can still send out normal invitations but with a bit of a twist, no information to include, no inserts, nothing to be posted back… and that’s because people are turning to creating ‘wedding websites’, and not the supplier kind.

Not too long ago I created a beautiful invitation, the only difference was, at the bottom of the invitation I printed a web address. Now your intrigued. On receipt of their wedding invite the guests simply ‘logged on’ to the bride and groom websites and filled in all of the information the bride and groom required, what a time saver, and what was more the website had all the information the guests could desire, meaning no phone calls to the bride and groom, no losing pieces of paper etc. Simple, still a very classy and elegant invitation but with a twist of 2016.

Although these websites have been around for a long time, they are getting more advanced and more popular.

You can find wedding websites at  www.mywedding.com/free-wedding-websites and www.ewedding.com.

So the bottom line is – There are endless possibilities when deciding what information to include in wedding invites, its the way in which you include it that is important for the budget and the theme of your wedding. Also remember that you don’t have to compromise on quality when you have a budget, just look for the right people (Not as easy as it looks i know).

Please feel free to comment, ask questions and share this page if you like it and think other people could benefit. Please feel free to browse our flat style, pocket, pocket fold, classic fold and laser cut invitations or view all of my wedding stationery.

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