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Five to-do's after getting engaged

Now that your special someone popped the question, your mind is probably in a thousand different places. You’re probably still floating around in a cloud of happiness, not quite sure what to do first and what needs immediate attention. To make it a simpler (and more enjoyable!) process, try the tips below. It might just be the sanity saver that you need!


Before Posting, Call

Social media has, without a doubt, made communication easier. Instead of having to send out letters, make phone calls, or wait for someone to check their email, you can just put up a post on Facebook, or send out a Tweet, and let everyone know about your engangement at once. And that’s absolutely wonderful…but you shouldn’t do that just yet.


First, you need to tell the VIPs in your life:  Your immediate family (parents; siblings; close aunts, uncles, and cousins), your fiancés immediate family, both of your close friends, and anyone that will be participating in the wedding (bridesmaids and groomsmen). If at all possible, try to tell them in person, and together. If you can’t, aim for a video call, so that you can show off the ring. If neither is an option, a phone call (not a text) is perfectly acceptable.


Once that’s done, you can feel free to change your profile status and let everyone else know the good news!


Get a Manicure

Once you become engaged, everyone will have the same reaction:  They’ll want to see the ring. And you’ll certainly want to show it off, too! To really make showing people your ring a great experience, you should get a manicure that will really help your ring stand out. Bonus:  This will make pictures taken of your ring seem more professional, and much more luxurious!


When choosing a manicure option, there are a few rules you should follow. The first is that, when getting fake nails, don’t go overly long or pointy. Always go for a rounded or squared edge; it softens the look a bit. You should also make sure that your polish compliments your ring. For gold rings, warmer colors, such as reds and browns, really make the color pop. For white-gold, silver, and platinum rings, you should go for cool colors, such as grey, blue, silver, and even white. And don’t forget:  The classic French manicure looks great on absolutely everyone!


Now, that doesn’t mean that you have to go to a salon. Preferring to save that money for your wedding is perfectly okay! No matter what style you pick, and whether you decide on fake nails or not, there are options available in stores that will come out looking beautiful.


Take a Few Photos

This is really one of the most fun parts of being newly engaged! These don’t have to be your “actual” engagement photos; those normally come later. But you still want the people on your social media, as well your friends and family, to see you and your fiancé together. Taking a few photos right after your engagement is the perfect way to do that.


There are few rules to follow when taking these pictures; it’s really up to you to decide how the two of you want to present yourselves. But a good rule of thumb is to treat it like you would taking photos at any other family or social gathering of some importance. This means getting a bit dressed up (not necessarily in your Sunday best, but not in just your average t-shirt and jeans, either). You should also have someone else take the photos; selfie-sticks should shy away from this! A phone or digital camera is fine, as long as it can take decent photos. Try to avoid over-used filters, such as flower crowns. Keep any editing subtle for best results.


And take a good picture of you wearing (and showinv off!) your ring. Everyone wants to see it, and it’s a great way to cure their curiousity.


Be Prepared to Answer Questions

It happens so often. You announce that you are engaged, and the first thing people ask is when you’re tying the knot. If you’ve only been engaged for a few days, that can be a bit much:  You probably haven’t even thought about that yet. But you’re going to be faced with questions likes these quite often, so it’s imperative you learn how to answer them tactfully.


The best way to answer the date question is to respond with a noncomittal, “We want to take the time to plan the wedding carefully.” That doesn’t give them a straight answer, but will normally satisfy them for the time being. Having a long engagement? Say, “We’re taking time to enjoy being engaged, and want to plan our dream wedding.” As for the elephant-in-the-room question, if someone asks if they’re going to be invited, and you’re either unsure or flat-out aren’t going to invite them, say, “We haven’t even thought about the guest list yet!” or “We’re not sure about our budget right now, so we don’t know how big of a wedding we can afford.”


It isn’t all finding ways to put people off about invitations, though! This is really your chance to work some magic with the more romantic questions, such as “How did you two meet?” Sure, you might have bumped into him at a party, but, with the right words, you can make it seem more like a Cinderella ball than a raging frat party.


Enjoy Being Engaged!

This is the biggest thing that many newly-engaged couples forget to do. They get so caught up in the magic of getting married that they completely forget to enjoy being engaged. Instead of jumping straight into wedding planning, take some time to savor this new part of your life. Go out to dinner, just the two of you, to celebrate. Maybe even take a weekend for yourselves and do absolutely nothing but spend time together. Anything to slow down and acknowledge this happy point in your lives together.

About the author:

"Brittany Miller is a writer living in Alabama. She is currently planning her wedding with her fiancé, Chris Carter".

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