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The perfect wedding gift bag

You’ve planned everything. You know the instant you’ll walk down the aisle, what flowers you’ll be holding, what entré you’ll be sitting down to, and the exact instance you’ll cut the cake. So, if you’ve already put this much thought into making your wedding one of a kind, why settle for a basic wedding favour gift bag?


Gift bags are the ultimate gesture of hospitality, and that’s what makes them so important. Well-thought-out wedding favour gift bags show your guests that their hostess was thinking about them when putting them together, and will be seen as something other than a token gift that any other bride would have given out.


So, how do you get out of the standard candy-and-a-snow-globe wedding favour gift bag? Start with these tips!


Start with a Nibble…or a Sip

This is an excellent foundation on which to build a bag. The standard candy (plain chocolates, jelly beans, and Jordan almonds) can be a bit impersonal. Instead, look to your wedding itself for a bit of inspiration. Are you getting married in an area known for its fruits, such as apples or peaches? Look for preserves, candies, or dried versions of that fruit. Or, if the area is known for other foods, add those, instead sildenafil 100m order. Maybe a local confectioner makes delicious caramel, or there are peanut farms nearby?


Alternatively, you can choose a beverage, instead. This is especially true if you’re in wine or cider country. For those of the legal drinking age, tuck in a personal-sized bottoe of wine, cider, or another alcoholic drink. For those who are underage (or if you prefer your gift bags dry), there are nonalcoholic options. For example, instead of wine, try grape juice, and instead of hard cider, try the child-friendly variety. Whatever you choose, if it comes in a glass bottle, make sure that it’s well padded so that it doesn’t break!


Add Something They’ll Need

This is an important step that many couples overlook when planning their wedding. There are certain things that your guests will probably need or find useful that you should put in your gift bags. Are you having a wedding on the beach? Maybe add a small travel-size bottle of sunscreen. Is it going to be cold out? Keep their lips alright with chapstick, or keep them comfortable with hand warmers and gloves. Mints are also a good choice for weddings in any location or venue.


Something to Remember Your Wedding By

This is where it really gets fun! By sending your guests off with something this personal, you’ll be showing that you really are happy that they made it, and that the bag isn’t just a meaningless gesture. There are a lot of options here, but you should really base it off of your wedding. Add a few pretty shells in a bag for a beach wedding, or a music box that plays your first dance music. Did you have a special performer, such as ballerinas, a bellydancer, or an acrobatic performance? See if they have videos for sale!


Special Bags for the Kids

Their parents will certainly thank you! Children are often forgotten parties when planning a wedding and reception. This leads to boredom, which, in turn, leads to mischief or tears. In order to stop that in its tracks, make little gift bags for children…and hand them out before dinner! Make sure any included items are safe for the age group you’re giving them to, and quiet.


The best option to keep the children occupied are what restaurants have been using for years:  Coloring books and crayons. Small crayon sets with basic colors are cheap enough to give every child one, and there are cheap coloring books of every kind. Choose a wedding themed one, or maybe coloring books from favorite movies. A word of warning, though:  Get identical copies of these, and any other favor you may give children. This will save needless tears!


Wedding favour gift bag ideas

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"Brittany Miller is a writer living in Alabama. She is currently planning her wedding with her fiancé, Chris Carter".

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