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planning a wedding like a project

How much does a wedding cost?

My name is Pete Kelly (Anna’s husband), I am a qualified Project Manager and run the ‘Business’ side of Amarie, I am going to try and show you how planning your wedding like a project can help you save money and help get the wedding you dream of, so how much does a wedding really cost? the way you plan will make all the difference.

When planning your wedding one of the first things to decide is the budget? The average cost of a wedding in the UK is £20,500 (according to moneysavingexpert), to me this figure is a little bit extreme, especially when my wedding cost just under half of that and I wouldn’t have changed anything, my wife may disagree, but we didn’t have a vast budget and we didn’t blow it! One of my closest friends on the other hand spent a whopping £38,000 on their wedding. In the USA The average wedding cost is $26,444 (£18,106.75) Couples typically spend between $19,833 (£13,580.06) and $33,055 (£22,633.44) but this does not include cost for a honeymoon. Understanding wedding cost from the very start of wedding planning can help you with your wedding budget later.

We are all different and there are so many factors to consider when looking at budget and costing, for instance, a wedding in London may be presumed to cost more than a wedding in somewhere like here in Devon.

So just how much do you spend??

There are people who have an unlimited wedding budget, (check out the Telegraph’s post on the most expensive weddings) and there are people who have a very small wedding budget (Premier Inn actually did 10 weddings for £199 each, interesting read) and then obviously everyone in between.

In my honest opinion its important to set out a list of priorities at the same time as setting the budget, and then RESEARCH…FOR HOURS!

Budget, you set it and you DON’T BUDGE. Yeah right, its extremely easy to get ahead of yourself when wedding planning, much like shopping when hungry, we have all been there, in the supermarket after work, starving, making a grab for anything and everything, when you get to the checkout you realise that you have spent 10-15% more than what you initially planned, welcome to wedding planning.

Run your wedding like a project, work out a budget and then a scope of the wedding. include lists like.

Must have

Like to have

If budget allows/I wish

Once you have made your lists you can allocate your budget according to the priorities of your wedding then do RESEARCH!!

Look at this picture, I have made up a spreadsheet with my must have, like to have and if budget allows/I wish

how much does a wedding cost

I initially start by filling in the budgets (Column D) in order of my priorities (Or the wife to be priorities). Obviously you will have done research before to give you an idea of the cost high end and low end, then decide the budget that you will allocate depending on your priorities.

Setting out a spreadsheet this way not only identifies what you absolutely must have but also will help decide what is important to you to make the day really special.

Research is the absolute key, there will be elements of the wedding that you will be flexible with such as transport, favours etc, and parts of the wedding that you will not budge on such as dream dress and venue, conducting real research can help you find ways to save money on things you are flexible with to be able to afford what you are not flexible with. There are many directories and websites available to give you a hand in finding and comparing suppliers such as Guides for Brides.

In the picture the green cells indicate the actual purchase, red cells indicate non purchase, you will also notice that the magician and photo booth were in the ‘if budget allows’ column and were not budgeted for or purchased, yet savings in column G allowed for the over spend on items in columns B and C.

Many people will go out and buy what they dream of first, take it out of the budget and get the rest with whats left, this is a sure fire way to be happy with some things and very unhappy with others or blow the budget completely. Prior planning can give you that edge, the question is, would you be happier in a £5000 dress getting married in your garden or a £2000 dress and getting married in a manor house?

Project management is vast and complicated, you don’t need to be a PM expert, just understand the concept. When building your perfect house, you have a budget of x, the house must have – kitchen, toilet, 3 bedrooms etc, you would like to have – large garden, fitted kitchen with island, games room, and if the budget allows/wish you could have – A swimming pool. You budget for the must have, you research and source materials wisely, saving money that allows for the like to have and if you are vigilant and flexible on the ‘quality’ (Could be the difference between a £30,000 fitted kitchen or being happy with a £10,000 kitchen) you may just get the I wish. But always remember in most cases you get what you pay for with regards to quality, always be vigilant with suppliers, make sure you get the best bang for your buck and always follow your instinct so you don’t get burnt.

So.. how much does a wedding cost ? Plan it right and it may just be less than you think! Why not invest in a reputable wedding planner, for the South West why not take a look at <a class="ProfileHeaderCard-screennameLink u-linkComplex js-nav" href="https://twitter free viagra samples free shipping.com/OfficialHJane” target=”_blank”>@OfficialHJane on twitter.

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