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Ultimate urban wedding venue

Looking for that perfect wedding venue can be one of the hardest undertakings of the whole wedding planning process, from budget to location.

The bride & groom (and mother in-law, gents) will choose a venue dependant on a few factors including space, budget, accessibility and distance.

But what if you want luxury, elegance, class… I see you picturing a large castle in the middle of rolling green fields, fantastic elegant decor. The quality is there, the dream wedding setting but this means you may have to compromise on distance to travel, accessibility and ease of finding it for guests.

What about in the city centre…? NOOOO!! I hear you cry visit this web-site.. and I don’t blame you, there are many grumblings about weddings in the city centre, lots of random people walking around, nowhere for beautiful photos, the venue will be small… there are literally loads of reasons why people opt out of city centre weddings, but there are plenty of reasons why people do, especially in PLYMOUTH.

Plymouth holds a hidden gem for luxury, elegant city centre weddings.

plymouth wedding venue

The Duke of Cornwall Hotel is Plymouth’s FIRST luxury hotel and over 150 years old, almost smack bang in the centre of Plymouth but just out enough to enjoy solitude from mass footfall. A hotel with an intriguing history, in an unrivalled location with exquisite surroundings its a must to make the shortlist for your urban wedding venue in Devon.

With 72 rooms there is plenty of space for your family and friends, and (almost) no excuse to miss anyone off the invite list. From the stately Ballroom, the grandeur of the Dining Room with its domed ceiling and impressive chandelier to the intimacy of the Millbay Suite, the Duke of Cornwall can accommodate parties from 10 to 300 people so plenty of space.

Their wedding packages suit the budget and include red carpet treatment for the special couple, the luxury decor will bring out the elegance of any wedding and the service will make you feel as if you are the most important people in the world.

Now… as for the photos, the Duke has it covered.

plymouth weddings

You would be forgiven for mistaking the Plymouth Hoe for somewhere a bit more Mediterranean, the beautiful setting around the Duke will surely make for amazing wedding photos.

Now your mind is working .. imagine turning up to the red carpet in one of these..

luxury Plymouth weddings

The Windsor Carriage Company based in Paignton, Devon can really get you there in style.

I sincerely hope this post has painted a picture and opened your mind about city centre weddings and what could be hidden in your own city.

We are very proud to be a preferred supplier of wedding stationery to the Duke of Cornwall Hotel urban wedding venue, hundreds of couples have chosen them to be the setting for the big day and we are more than sure that hundreds (if not 1000’s) will in the future.

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