Will Novak Djokovic play in US Open 2022?

Novak Djokovic won Wimbledon for a seventh time frame in July as he crushed Nick Kyrgios in the last to guarantee his 21st significant singles title.

On August 25, Djokovic reported he wouldn’t play at the 2022 US Open. 

Djokovic, who isn’t permitted to enter the country under current COVID-19 rules, would have the option to play at the 2023 occasion.

Tennis legend John McEnroe hammered the choice to prohibit Djokovic from contending as a “joke”.

“As of now, in the pandemic, we’re over two years in, I think individuals in all regions of the planet have some familiarity with it.

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Novak is an incredible boss and it is extremely lamentable that he will not be able to contend at the 2022 US Open.

His victory at Wimbledon took Djokovic to 21 significant singles titles, one behind chief adversary Nadal and one in front of Roger Federer.

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